The Task: Our team was tasked with crafting a plan for a multichannel campaign for a physiatry group that would help spread awareness to current and prospective customers about updated service offerings and increase customer retention.
The Approach: There was a particular lack of awareness surrounding this organization's newest service, an AI-based reimbursement tool that helps practitioners get the highest return possible. To spread awareness of their offerings, we created CARIE. 
AD: Me
CW: Lauren Homayoun
CARIE is the Clinical Assistant and Reimbursement Improvement Engine. CARIE is here to explain this organization's service offerings to current customers and new customers alike. She ensures that everyone understands how this organization’s offering is different and better than the competitor’s.
Illustration Design: My goal with creating this illustration was to incorporate elements of the organization's logo into a friendly, unique character that would strengthen the brand identity and be memorable to customers. 
Rollout: Our team composed a detailed 6-week rollout plan that covered email, social, web and direct mail pieces. An animated video clip of CARIE explaining the service offerings of this organization is also in the works!
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